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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Android APP

The official Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook app that lets you have text conversations with all of your friends on the popular social network. Thanks to this app, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages in conversations which you can later continue on your computer.

As with other instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger lets you share images, or your location, in the text messages; you can even add several recipients and open chat windows with several people at the same time. Each conversation is then kept in a bubble which you can conveniently move around on your device’s screen.

You can also configure Facebook Messenger to receive sound and vibrating alerts every time you receive a message, and even respond via normal text message (phone to phone) if the person you want to talk to doesn’t have Facebook (or isn’t logged on to it). Plus, you can also make VOIP voice calls from within the application itself.

One of the most entertaining things on Facebook Messenger is its stickers collection, which you can use to personalize your conversations. These fun images are very similar to the classic LINE giant emoticons, and they really help bring your conversations to life.

Facebook Messenger will come in really handy to anyone who regularly uses Facebook (which is probably just about everyone). Thanks to this app you’ll be able to communicate with your friends more quickly, and from anywhere, at any time.

By Álvaro Toledo

DropBox integrated into Facebook Messenger

Choosing between one tool and another can be tricky. But when a single tool integrates two different utilities the best option becomes clear. This is the case when it comes to cloud based storage systems where its even more necessary to prioritize easy and comfortable access so that using and retrieving what you need is simple. With this in mind, DropBox took a huge leap forward when integrating itself into Facebook Messenger, allowing users to send files directly from there through their smartphones.


Facebook Messenger now lets you send Spotify songs

Next we’re going to complain about these apps facebook-performance-android/'>being too heavy. Facebook Messenger has been meteoric in its trajectory to differentiate itself from WhatsApp with facebook-messenger-apps/'>internal plugins that expand its features. The latest update to the official client for iOS and Android adds one of the most interesting so far to this array: now you can embed Spotify songs in your Facebook chats.


Doodle Draw: The first game for Facebook Messenger

A few months ago Facebook enabled its own facebook-messenger-apps/'>ecosystem of apps for Messenger, with most of them being utilities to send and retouch photos, although the usage spectrum is much broader, as you can see in Doodle Draw, a clone of Draw Something (and, by extension, of the Pictionary board game) that turns out to be the first game that works exclusively on Facebook Messenger.


NotesYou must have a Facebook account in order to use Facebook Messenger... which is really quite reasonable.

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