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GO Locker Theme Pink Heart

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GO Locker
Aşk Ve Romantizm
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GO Locker Theme Pink Heart Android Tema Uygulaması

GO Locker Theme Pink heart for Your GO Locker is a pink theme with beautifull sweet heart on main screen and girly flowers, like rose.

pink heart and amor for valentine’s day, download for free!

This applications helps You customization and personalization your GO locker with beautiful, pink wallpaper, fonts and icons. This theme is about cute, romance and sweet pink valentine, fuchsia, magenta - white stars, pink and red very nice rosa flowers.

GO Locker Theme Pink Hearts ONLY WORKS with GO Locker application, if you don't have it, download from Google Play.

All that has been specifically designed for those who like pink, rose velvet, and white.

Free Skin for locker - make your android world more pink - brighter, clear, brilliant and stunning, love and happiness. This free theme and template have a great beautiful wallpaper and icons.

1. Download and install for free, GO Locker and GO Launcher EX from Google Play

2. Go to MENU

3. Press Preferences

4. Click Themes

5. Press Locker tab

6. Press Installed, Mine

7. Choose Your favorite unlock theme

8. Press apply to set this theme GO Locker Theme Romantic, GO Locker Theme Pink Heart

GO Locker, design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!

Sweet pink, purple, pink, blood red color will captivate you! Beautiful colors, such as pink, ruddy, blushing, rose, rosy. This sweetie and romantic theme helps you to remember always about your honey, baby, or darling, sweetheart!

No matter if you are a man or a woman ... just try out this beautiful theme, download and sweet pink coloring of the device, cherry, flowers and rouge.

Try now beautiful, dear heavenly styled. Feel like you are now in heaven, be happy with pink!

Disclaimer: this application use interstitial ads and banners.

Check other our GOLocker Themes, GOSMSPro Themes, and GO Launcher EX, free themes.

Themes are published all the time, so remember to check our developer account regularly.

Style was created by WorkshopTheme.

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